The terrazzo platters are a simple pebble form with a thin edge.
سیال – noun (Si : yal) , means fluid in urdu. This series of terrazzo platters is a collaboration between Open Door Design Workshop and Mundist.
The sinuous forms are inspired by fond memories of the city of Karachi. This city by the sea is the commercial capital of Pakistan and is home to gorgeous beaches, and beautiful colonial architecture. Many of the people of this city grew up in homes with silky terrazzo floors. As these old buildings were demolished, the ruins were discarded into the sea. They were caressed by the sea water and molded into soft pebbles. It is common to come across these beautiful pebbles strewn across the beach amidst natural stones while one walks along the coast.
Taking our cues from here, and a step forward in our exploration of terrazzo as a material, we created Siyaal.
The serving platters are a perfect addition to our culture of eating together, and of hosting friends and family to celebratory meals. They are pictured here with local flowers and sweets, which often adorn our tables, specially on occasions such as Eid and weddings.
The process of creating Siyaal was a fun exploration of form and material. We started with sketches of multiple ideas, of which we shortlisted a few and created sample mock ups. The details and forms went through multiple iterations in wood and clay, before the final moulds were created out of silicon. Along with form, we explored base colours and chips, in quest of a combination that was reminiscent of the sea, while being a subtle yet colourful addition to our homes.
The material is a composite mix of cement, resin and additives. The recipe has been developed as part of a year long exploration in our workshop.
After being poured and cured, the pieces are sanded by hand and buffed with chemical polish to create a silky smooth finish.

The dual wood + terrazzo pieces are a design closest to our hearts. They celebrate the amalgamation of two of the most versatile and heavily used materials in our context. The wood is sheesham, the dark colour of which offsets the softness of the terrazzo base. It is finished with beeswax which adds a silky sheen to its surface. These may be used as food platters, serving platters or as home decor pieces.

The photography is done by Eman Rana.
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