Khayali, the story was written a few years ago as a way of imagining a utopian city. A papercrete model was developed in the workshop as a way to create the city's physical manifestation. The model was subsequently used to create a series of illustrations that accompany the text. 

"Once upon a time long long ago, the buildings of Khayali were built by people. They were carved with love and joy and imagined as odes to happiness and dreams. Slowly, the children grew up, in streets that were lined by walls that opened onto gardens. People lived in these gardens, with trees that twisted along from floor to floor, taking them up. There was no roof to these houses, only the sky, and the gentle stars which wove a blanket of soothing darkness over tired bodies every night.


The arteries of this city, gurgled with giddiness, and a network of glistening water led to playful squares which defined the city. There were five squares."

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