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in collaboration with the Treehouse Design Lab: Mariyam Iftikar and Alireza Dossal

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

34,000 sqft

KPS Phase I - Malir

Inspired by the Malir sky, the first phase is designed as a pair of blue volumes that blend with the surrounding landscape. Spaces are scaled to be comfortable for children, while allowing for movement, and fun connections. The building is divided into two blocks connected by two bridges. The project has employed passive and active sustainable measures. Double masonry walls on the southern and eastern facade act as insulation. The project is self sufficient in energy by use of solar power.

Karachi Public School, Phase II, Malir

in collaboration with Saifullah Sami Architects: Saifullah Sami

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

68,000 sqft

The second phase of the school is designed as a series of playful volumes meant to inspire and create a variety of interstitial spaces. Bridges and courtyards become places for gathering, learning and conversation. The formation of the inner court is inspired by the surrounding Malir stream. A series of winding planter beds and trees are placed to create a space that is intimate and comfortable for play. 

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