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Hammad Jamil
Hammad Jamil

Hammad Jamil is a Project Architect at Open Door Design Studio. He graduated from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture with an overall Distinction and the prestigious Thariani Award for Architectural Design Excellence. Throughout his journey as a growing architect, phenomenological approaches have been the guiding force for his creative process. His undergraduate thesis explored the idea of ‘home and placeless-ness’ by delving deep into the notion of archetypal spaces that lend themselves to understanding and creating primitive atmospheres. These atmospheres help create a feeling of belonging and of being “placed”. ​ Alongside design, Hammad also enjoys mentoring and working with students. He is currently involved as a Design Studio instructor at the University of Karachi. Apart from design and teaching, Hammad spends his time running, cycling, illustrating and strives to lead a life of humility, meaning and purpose.

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