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Reimaging Plastic Waste in Pakistan

Plastic waste is a global problem with a local footprint of the issue prevalent in every country. The issue of plastic pollution is a symptom of a much larger social issue of the take-make-waste system. We are exploring the idea of converting waste plastic into building construction materials and lifestyle products by using technology to make the collection and processing of plastic waste efficient and sustainable. This initiative will help enhance the global intention and aim of moving from a linear economy towards a closed loop, circular one.

The solution we are testing is highly data driven and a mechanical process yet having a unique aesthetic value and once the pilot is complete, can be scaled and replicated in different areas all around the country and possibly the region.

The waste plastic will be processed to form different building materials and lifestyle products which shall be available on market as a better alternative to existing options. Construction materials and lifestyle products preferred by people will result in a more intangible impact of moving perception of plastic from a cradle to grave life cycle towards a cradle to cradle product lifecycle.

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