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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan​

A library in a primary school is an essential space for children where they are encouraged to foster a love for reading while also learning to develop their research skills.

For a program this critical, it is important that a balance of playfulness and seriousness is achieved in order to cultivate a space which keeps the children engaged as well as becomes a quiet space for reading and reflection.

The library project in Karachi Public School (Malir campus) draws inspiration from these ideas. The library sits on the first floor of the school building and overlooks courtyards on either side with long glass windows that bring in beautiful natural light, and a good breeze.

The interior of this library responds delicately to this light. Natural wood and a subtle shade of mint green colour allow the space to feel fresh and light. Inspired by the adjoining courtyards, three meandering forms guide the children through the space while becoming anchors for storing books as well as morphing into reading tables.

These playful bookshelves have a strong spatial presence while the neutral finishes allow for the library to inculcate a steady sense of calm while being playful.

Karachi Public School, Malir Campus - in collaboration with @ssamiarchitect

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