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On Travel

A collection of essays


Journeying to a new place has an effect on us. It can transform us. Each of us connects with a place in a unique way. A place may speak of excitement, of food, of discovery and joy, or of fear and isolation. Each of us remembers places differently - we remember places through scents, sounds, people and conversations, and we find ourselves traversing through these diverse sensations in multiple ways. We can remember by writing, and by sharing our words, we are able to share that which made these experiences memorable. By sharing, we are able to offer to others the opportunity to wander freely and to live through experiences that are beyond the scope of our individual imagination.


Our first collection brings together a diverse array of voices and perceptions of various places, ranging from stoic mountains to bustling cities. Each piece tells a unique story. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoyed the process of collecting and curating them.


Written by Currim Suteria
in honor of Andrew Levitt

Night at the Monastery

Written by Tooba Jalal
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How to travel

Written by Nirmitee Mehta
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On Belonging

Written by Rejah Khawar
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In the confines of my city

Written by Hira Rasool

The Mountain

Written by Sara Yawer
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