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On Pauses

On Pauses is a compilation of reflections on a day-long trek in the remote part of Shisper Base camp. It is a photo essay that maps - through photographs and thoughts – the landscape throughout this journey and the mindfulness that it inspired.

Always, always pause and look back.

Contrary to popular belief, rocky roads are actually not all that bad.

You don’t always get to see where the road leads. But that doesn’t mean that it has ended.

Every road you take will bring surprises of its own. Appreciate them.

Life finds its way wherever the sun shines.

Make the most of the sun but do not overlook the places in the shade.

Be like water. Flow.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

A shelter, albeit lopsided, is a shelter indeed.

The hand that holds is the one that matters the most.

Sometimes, it’s okay to feel little.

It is also okay to touch, to feel. Do that. A lot.

Happiness is only real when shared.


This series of reflections and thoughts is an extension of the stoic beauty that Rejah brings to the practice. Each member of Open Door is unique, and together we are fortunate to be able to learn from each other and grow together.

As architects, we deal with a multitude of factors - sites, clients, materials and climate to name a few. The landscapes we navigate inform the way we build and connect spatially. The experiences of these landscapes are vastly different, the lessons varied and rich - sometimes philosophical sometimes practical. Ranging from the sea to the mountains we are humbled to be able to learn from the beauty around us.

These experiences help us infuse the practice with joy, with mindfulness and with contentment.

conceptualised & written by:

Rejah Khawar

addendum and edited by:

Hira Rasool & Shehrebanu Nooruddin

These photographs are available to buy as set of postcards. This set is a companion to the written piece ' On Pauses’ - A series of meditations, the second in our series of writings about our experiences and perceptions of the moments of magic we can find around us, and the lessons we have learned from it as individuals, and as a collective studio. You can order the set on the link below.

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