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Dania Faruq
Partner Architect
Dania Faruq

Dania believes that a thoughtfully designed space or a thing can bring ease and happiness in a person's life. At the studio she helps in organizing projects, thoughts and tries to keep her work genuine and meaningful. She is one of the founding members and a Project Architect at Open Door Design Studio (ODDS). She has worked and researched extensively on reimagining learning environments for young children and teenagers. Prior to initiating ODDS, Dania gained professional experience in notable architectural practices like Habib Fida Ali Associates and Studio Tariq Hassan in Karachi where she worked on institutional and residential projects of varying scales.

In 2020, Dania along with Shehrebanu Nooruddin led the development of the Open Door Workshop as a space for material experimentation and exploration of building techniques. In parallel, she has been engaged as an adjunct faculty member at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, where she continues to lead courses and engage in project reviews.

Currently, she is based in Australia, where she finds joy in learning from her two year old son, and the environments and people of different regions. She volunteers her time at the Open House, Melbourne and is involved in collaborating on residential projects with local architects.

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